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Here's where you can find info about all of our past screenings.  I'll link to the films where they're available online, and to a trailer if not. UK premieres are labelled with a *, and World prems with a **. You can find an archive of the online events here, and find out about any upcoming events here.


16/05/22 - Printmaker's Arms, as part of Flatpack Festival

You Ever Hear About the Toad? - Fraser Munden

Bones - Gunner*

Ten Degrees of Strange - Lynn Tomlinson

Klezgermiia - Felipe Di Poi and Simeon Kondev

Night Bus - Joe Hsieh

Bus Movie - Christopher Childs**

Thing - Malte Stein

A Special Offer - Fraser Munden*

Dragon - Dane Cree*

The Pattern - Peter Bogyo

31/03/22 - Glasshouse Beer Co.

Eat When You're Hungry - Hotdog Sandwich

Weird Movies - Felipe Di Poi

The Great Malaise - Catherine Lepage

Kosmonaut - Kaspar Jancis

Tom Has a Plant - Thinh Nguyen

Coldsore - Caitlin McCarthy

Wildlife - Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby

ZORG II - Auden Lincoln Vogel


25/02/22 - Glasshouse Beer Co.

Yearbook - Bernardo Britto

Thank You - Julian Gallese

Black Sheep Boy - James Molle

Derecho - Joseph Bennett

Just Passing with Dr. Zussman - Anat Efrati & Yannay Matarasso

Eli - Nate Milton

Pitch Black Panacea - Tom Hardiman & Chris Cornwell

Coxswain's Chicken Kitchen - Marcie LaCertie

Jumping - Osamu Tezuka

The Chaperone - Fraser Munden

28/10/21 - Glasshouse Beer Co.

Jason & Friends - Ian Worthington

Zombie Boyfriend - Case Jernigen

Ormur - Einar Baldvin*

Tell-Tale Heart - Ted Parmalee

I Ride my Bike when the Air is Crispy - Julian Glander

Bodyworld - Kitty Faingold

Old Man & the Goblins - Screen Novelties

Coyote - Lorenz Wonderle

Creepy Pasta Salad - Lauren Orme

GHOST - Muti

The Midnight Parasites - Yoji Kuri

Our Fire - Mattis Dovier

The Surrogate - Stat Santimov

There's Too Many of These Crows - Morgan Miller

Fisheye - Josko Marusic

Maybe Next Halloween - Julian Glander

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