Happy Saturday! On thursday we had our second ever screening, which despite a few slight hiccups was a success (I think)! We showed a ton of great animation, which you can find below! There'smno real theme to this programme, but it contains basically all of my favourite animations, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Yearbook by Bernardo Britto

Thank You by Julian Gallese

Black Sheep Boy by James Molle

Derecho by Joseph Bennett

Just Passing with Dr. Zussman by Anat Efrati & Yannay Matarasso

ELI by Nate Milton

Pitch Black Panacea by Tom Hardiman & Chris Cornwell

Coxswain's Chicken Kitchen by Marcie LaCerte

Jumping by Osamu Tezuka

The Chaperone by Fraser Munden

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