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SEPTEMBER 2021: 20th Century Frogs

Happy Saturday Everyone! We're back with our first monthly programme! I know I said I'd stop doing themes, but this one hopped right into my lap. That's right, its frog month. We have frogs in love, frogs on the tube, frogumentaries, and a lovely episode of Wind in the Willows to cap it off. 


content warning: flashing images, nudity


Frog Lovin by Nikhil Markale

Frog Crossing by Denimrock

Toadally Bored by Martyna Žalalytė

Michael Faraday's Electric Frogs by Rosanna Wan

Frog Song by Eva Sterrett

You Ever Hear About the Toad? by Fraser Munden

Frog Fable by Roman Muradov

Subway Train by Garrett Davis

Frog and Toad are Friends by Cosgrove Hall

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