HAPPY HALLOWEEN! On Thursday we had our first ever live show, which went pretty well (if i say so myself)! I don't want the non-Brum based people to be left out though, so here's the programme in most of its glory (one film isn't available online yet). Expect fishy killers, crow attacks, and a pumpkin playing the guitar - all the elements of a good halloween, if you ask me.


Jason and Friends by Ian Worthington

Zombie Boyfriend by Case Jernigen

Tale Tell Heart by Ted Parmalee

I Ride My Bike When the Air is Crispy by Julian Glander

Bodyworld by Kitty Faingold

The Old Man and the Goblins by Screen Novelties

Coyote by Lorenz Wunderle

Creepy Pasta Salad by Lauren Orme


The Midnight Parasites by Yoji Kuri

Our Fires by Mattis Dovier

The Surrogate by Stas Santimov

There's Too Many of these Crows by Morgan Miller

Fisheye by Josko Marusic

Maybe Next Halloween by Julian Glander


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