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Saturday Morning Toons

10/04/2021: the Essentials

Welcome to this week's Saturday Morning Toons

from Boxer Short Films!

Happy Saturday Everyone! Since last week we had a prog of egg-themed shorts, this week we're heading back to the shop to pick up the other essentials. Expect bread, expect milk, and expect nothing else because that's it. We've got anxious shopping trips, sexy slices of toast, and a healthy dose of dancing bread. Give it a go, its good for you.


content warning: nudity, language, flashing images


SHOP OPERA dir. Jack Stauber

(USA, 2020, 12 mins)

MILK RUN dir. Ian Ballantyne

 (USA, 2020, 1 min)

BUT MILK IS IMPORTANT! dir. Anna Mantzaris

(Norway, 2012, 11 mins)

BIG TOAST dir. Sacha Beeley

(UK, 2018, 4 mins)

DON'T BUY MILK dir. Julian Gallese

(UK, 2014, 4 mins)


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