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Saturday Morning Toons

27/02/2021: The Sickening 

Welcome to this week's Saturday Morning Toons

from Boxer Short Films!

Here it is folks. The programme that I've been avoiding for almost a year. This weeks toons are all about sickness, including you-know-what.  I've been putting off doing this theme, but last week Boxer Shorts favourite Marcie LaCerte sent in her new film, and I finally had to give in. I've tried to make it not too tragic, but there will of course be a bit of morbidity.

Enjoy, if you can.

content warning: violence, blood, threat, language, flashing images, death


ANNIHILATION dir. Robbie Ward

(USA, 2016, 7 mins)


dir. Marcie LaCerte (USA, 2021, 6 mins)

2 LIZARDS: EPISODE 1 dir. Orian Barki & Meriem Bannani

 (USA, 2020, 2 mins)

IM NOT FEELING VERY WELL dir. Sunčana Brkulj

(Croatia, 2019, 3 mins)

CYCLES dir. Erin Kim

(USA, 2015, 7 mins)


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2 LIZARDS: EPISODE 2 dir. Orian Barki & Meriem Bannani

 (USA, 2020, 2 mins)