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Saturday Morning Toons



Welcome to this week's Saturday Morning Toons

from Boxer Short Films!

It's finally here. The best holiday of the year. I'm of course talking about HALLOWEEN. To celebrate the spookiest of days, we at Boxer Shorts are posting a Halloween-themed short every day this week, before putting up our regularly scheduled Saturday Morning Toons (scary ones, of course). So be sure to check back every day this week for more scary shorts.

content warning: nudity, flashing images


JASON & FRIENDS dir. Ian Worthington/Worthikids

 (USA, 2020, 2 mins)

MAYBE NEXT HALLOWEEN dir. Julian Glander

 (USA, 2020, 2 mins)

ZOMBIE BOYFRIEND dir. Case Jernigen

 (USA, 2017, 3 mins)


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